Age 21 – On the road to the best version of myself, asked out a coworker


So today i realized how far this nofap mindset bought me. I only use the internet for information and reddit for 0,5-2h a day (4-10h a day gaming before nofap), started to meditate 20 min every morning, started to work out everyday + running/jogging and i want to try yoga.

Im currently in 30h no smoking (easyer to quit that expected for now).

With the confidence i got from all this discipline i asked a coworker out and she said yes (yay :3) This wouldve never been possible before nofap.

Before this i overslept all over the time, had no confidence at all, wasted all my time on gaming and the worst: the heavy brain fog/daydream shit that made me forgett so much… But now im on my road to the best version of myself thanks to this absolutely awesome sub! I have never seen something positive like this on the internet. You guys are truly amazing!

i had a few streaks and i learned with every relapse what triggers me. Now i feel like im ready for a long streak (My highest was 14 days).

Im 21. Self improvement in every aspect of life is the main reason [I tried NoFap]. I dont want to have a heart stroke or some other health problems when i get 30. Edit: i found nofap 3 months ago and im trying it since then.

LINK – Just realized how much i changed since i startet nofap

By boboexe