Age 21 – PIED cured: I had actual sex last night & everything worked just the way it should


I had actual sex last night, woohoo! Everything worked just the way it should, I got an erection without jerking it at all. I Just pulled down my pants and was good to go. I moved through several positions and maintained my erection the whole time. I wasn’t thinking about this journal or that PIED even existed, I just carried on with what I thought was right and my Johnson did too.

But now for the important part… What was different this time vs. the last time I tried but failed to get fully hard? I think it was a combination of not being as nervous (I’ve been with this girl before and have failed to have sex with her and she didn’t judge me so I knew she wouldn’t if I failed again) and not watching over sexualized pornographic material that puts me into my head whenever anything slightly sexual happens to me.

Maybe this was another reason: I used to think that I had to oversexualize my thoughts and “pump” myself up to be hard for sex. The other day when I had sex though I just let myself go with the flow and move things along with the girl at a not sped up pace.

So for the future: I’m done with porn. That was a part of my life in the past and I “enjoyed” it before I found out that it was hurting me. I won’t continue doing something if I know that it is hurting me and it offers no upside. I drink alcohol, it hurts me, but the upside is that I have a fun time socializing with others while doing so (I should quit that too, but one battle at a time haha).

With regards to this journal, I really enjoy writing. It helps me process my emotions and things that have been going on throughout my day as well as keep a record of what I actually do. It’s hard to sit on my butt and play video games all day if I know I’m going to be writing about it later. I’m probably going to keep my future journaling to pen and paper though, it just seems better suited to my goals. Thanks for everything people of RebootNation.

[Day (Something. i don’t really know, I haven’t PMO’ed in like 7 months but MO’ed like a week ago)]

LINK – IDK if I’m fully healed but I got some action

BY – Jack Can


Starting Now Limp to Rock

I am 21 years old and every time I try to have sex with a girl I don’t get hard enough. One girl last week was literally giving me a BJ for like 6 minutes and I didn’t get fully erect. I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused in my life, I mean when I look at porn I get hard before I even enter the porn site… Just typing “po” into the address bar will give me a semi. So of course when it was time for the real thing I thought I’d be rock hard for hours, nope. It was a very odd time for me.

I have PMO’d 2-3 times a day pretty much since I was 13. I didn’t do many sports in high school so most of my time was filled with porn and video games. It made me like a zombie, just bouncing between my house and school in a dopamine haze. After the time I mentioned in the first paragraph I called up my brother to see if he had any ideas on the whole thing. He said some of his coworkers actually were talking about giving up porn (I was pretty surprised by that because I thought porn was a taboo subject). So right after I heard it may be the problem I started searching around for answers on the internet. Found Gabe’s videos, found Rebootnation, and here I am.

I gave up porn 2 weeks ago to try to fix my problem. However, when I read more from this website I learned that if you stopped masturbating as well you will recover faster. I’m all about a speedy recovery. But, that will make it a little harder because I get some serious urges to M about every 4 days.

But I am starting now! no more PMO, I’ll post updates of how I’m doing on here.