Age 21 – PIED improving


I’m 21 yrs. old from the Philippines. When I was a kid I was introduced to porn when I’m always in the computer shop(rent) playing games, and some boys open up porn websites besides me and that’s the start. I will go to other computer shops then go to the PC that is far, so I can open up porn sites in alt tabs, then I will touch/masturbate my dick in one of my short’s pockets haha.

Then fast forward to highschool I got a laptop and phone and that time we also have a WiFi and that’s the start of my addiction.

Fast forward to 2017 when I was in college, I started to realized that I was not getting horny when looking to the body of girls, that’s when I know that I have a problem. But i don’t know yet about PIED. I met a girl(eventually became my gf) and we have sex but my dick is super soft and can’t get hard.

And i reasearch it on the net, know that I have PIED. After many months I finally have an erection and have sex. I’m horny when anticipating sex up to foreplay up to having sex and to the point I’ll cum.

My PROBLEM now is i can’t get hard for 2nd, 3rd, 4th round. My gf always telling me “babe pls another round” And there’s nothing wrong with my gf because she has a cute face, flawless white skin, acceptable breast size, and a big round butt. Can anyone give me tips on what will I do to bring back my libido. Coz I just want to bring back the time when I see a boobs or butt that my dick will get hard super fast. And not think sexual thoughts just to have an erection. THANK YOU ALL!


By yungm