Age 21 – Recovering from intrusive fetish, feeling butterflies about real people, got my laugh back, no more panic attacks

Hey so tomorrow is 70 days for me and I’m so so so proud of myself

I am recovering from a very intrusive fetish and can officially say that I think about 85% less than I did before about it. I also get butterflies when I see people that I wouldn’t normally have been into so I feel less numb which is amazing bring on 120 days!

-Extremely confident will talk to anything with a pulse atm
– got that masculine energy everyone talks about I just wanna idk slam someone up against the wall and kiss them
– my anxiety has decreased notably to say. Earlier on in 2020 I had crippling health anxiety with panic attacks
– so many compliments as my skin has cleared up
– MUSCLE GAINS jeez at this rate imma look fire in summer
– a willingness to do things and sleep and get my life together
– self esteem boost!
– my fave is that I have my laugh back I’m so much happier now

these and so many more benefits that become so mundane that were once in existent.

love you guys u can do it! Remember the grass is greener on this occasion

LINK – Proud of 70 days

by Chazz1111