Age 21 – Suicidal thoughts gone. Nofap was the best decision of my life


It’s almost 2 months and i am still going solid. I can definitely say that Nofap was the best decision of my life. And i want to talk about the benefits that i got. I love dancing with girls. I am a Latin dancer. When i am dancing with a girl, i would like to see her smile and see her enjoying the moment. Before Nofap, PMO was affecting my dance. PMO was reducing my energy and created a little bit social anxiety.

That’s why sometimes girls felt uncomfortable when they were dancing with me.

After 2 months of Nofap, girls feel comfortable when they are dancing with me. They are way more relaxed and they stay at the moment. They feel the high energy inside me and i saw so many times it surprised them. The way that they touches me is changed. They smile more.

I will never masturbate again in my life. I was living hell before Nofap, i had suicidal thoughts. If i couldn’t discover the Nofap, I don’t want to imagine what would happened to me… If you want to change your life start today and build a solid mindset.

Thanks for your time.

LINK – 58 days – Still Going Solid