Age 21 – Thoughts on NoFap and PornFree


It’s been 53 days without porn, and only one PMO this year (in January I think). I went from masturbating using porn every other day and not being able to control myself to masturbating about once every 2 weeks WITHOUT ANY PORN and being able to control my urges and my feelings! What I think so far of all the nofap/pornfree thing.

-First of all, both are great. I understand both of them, but I don’t understand the guys on the nofap subreddit. Yeah, there are some perks if you don’t masturbate for some time, but all the PUA, attraction stuff won’t suddenly appear. You need to have a kind of personality, a certain kind of thinking and you have to want it to be a so-called PUA, although I don’t believe in that crap.

-You do get a bit more energy and confidence, but I find myself being angry/annoyed sometimes, especially when driving.

-Masturbating from time to time isn’t bad, it depends on how your life is going, how your mind is working, etc. If it’s done too much, there’s definetly a problem though. For me it prevents porn use and fantasizing, so it helped (not encouraging anyone to do it though, just saying my point).

-That intermitent fasting thing (is that how it’s called?) they’re talking about on nofap is weird, really. I mean it may help if you want to lose weight or something, but if you have to starve yourself so you won’t masturbate is a bit weird for the lack of a better word.

-Cold showers do help and they’re great. Just take a cold shower and you’ll feel better! I take 2 a day.

-The concept of nofap is a good one, for getting rid of porn addiction, getting rid of stupid fantasies and fetishes. But I swear, some guys on that subreddit are morons (I didn’t PMO for 2 days and I can’t see any benefits; I’m gonna kill myself if I masturbate again (?), trolls and oh, there are perverts too).

-I don’t understand how you can possibly masturbate 10 times a day. I mean, wtf. Or not being able to last a day without doing the deed

I found out stuff about myself and lately I’ve been doing pretty well, despite some stupid little things randomly occuring.

Well, anyway, that was just me rambling.

Other  benefits? I think I’m a bit more conscious and a bit more confident. I can go to anyone and ask for anything, I look everyone in the eye, I express myself better, I respect myself more and I have a better self- image than before.

I am socializing, I do hang out with friends from time to time, but what I really learnt about myself is that I enjoy alone time more and that there’s nothing wrong with it. Quitting porn won’t suddenly transform you from  an introvert to an extrovert. Not dating at the moment because I don’t feel anything for anyone yet.

I’m 21.

LINK – After 6 months of pornfree/nofap

By Cris9608


90 days today!

Idk how I feel, in fact I feel kind of meh. But this is an achievement!

Since starting nofap/pornfree back in December, I improved some aspects of my life.

I’m more sociable, I hang out more, I workout (stopped lately due to bad alimentation), I take cold showers, I read. And I’m not that emotionally numb anymore. I actually started getting crushes on girls after quite a lot of time.

I started using porn back in 2011 and this is the longest I went without it. And I plan on keeping it that way. No more porn in my life anymore! My motivation is that porn makes me even more sexually frustrated because I never had sex before. So looking at that stuff does more harm than good.

Good luck to everyone here!