Age 21 – Way less depressed, anxious and brain-fogged. Skin clearer. After years, I am getting morning wood back.

Hi, sadly, my counter hasn’t update yet lol, it should get done today anyways.

Done once around 30 days (didnt count exactly) 2 years ago. I Felt good and then given up back into PMO and depression, anxiety. A month ago and right before that streak I’ve made around 23 days .

I am 21 yo and I started porn very early, at 9-10 so I kind of grew up with that whole shit in the brain. Would be at 50 days if I didn’t drop my last streak.

Here is my – short – story.

Non-native English speaker. Sorry for the eventual mistakes.

Also : I need to thank people who post on that subreddit. I check this subreddit daily and read religiously a lot of testimonies of success stories or relapses which I can relate on. You guys are an insane source of motivation.

So here it is guys.

– Acne almost gone and head skin is healing. (still have a lil bit troubles tho) (NSFW)


After : A bit better, right ?

– Feel way less depressed than before.

– Feel pretty confident, calm. social anxiety dropped to low points, made new friends instead of being a scared pussy, actually and to be really honest I rarely ever socialized that much. I feel in touch with my friends, I always find a subject of discussion, and it feels so good. Somehow, there is one problem with that sociabilizing : I used to smoke and coming to parties 3 times a week made me smoke again. I’m fighting on both urges sides now : Fap and smoking lmao.

– Memory improving, even for dreams. Brainfog gone, clear mind, even if I think it could be even better. Brainfog was a high cause on starting back nofap. I was struggling finding easy words, remembering or counting a story decently. I thought i had brain issues.

– I have respect from everyone. Eye-contact is easy-shit.

– Women attraction is smth real. I am far from being a model but I do get more insisting looks or behaviours from women. I feel more natural talking to girls even if I still have a lot of work to make. 10 years of porn will not be cleared in a second.

As an example, a few days ago, a coworker went to the place I work as a civil, and waited on purpose that I was no longer busy to ask ME (on purpose) something, ignoring other coworkers that could have tell her. Comrades told me that actually, I didn’t even pay attention to her behavior.

Also I’ve come to a point where I am more respectful with myself. I once went to club and saw a bunch of girls – non of my style – tryna flirt with me. When on porn + fap I would go and fuck them without even desire them, in order to only have sex. Even drunk as hell I’m respectful with myself in that sense and politely decline the offer.

– Better elocution even if I still have progress to make, especially when talking to girls. I almost no longer have struggles to talk with them, it feels more natural. Not entirely fixed tho.

– Paradoxically less horny, I enjoy more women’s body and face as it is, in a more healthy way. I admit I fantasize making love sometimes. Not edging, just thinking how good it would feel, after being 30 days clean, to have healthy sex.

– After years of non-having, I am slowly but surely getting morning woods back. Didn’t have morning woods since6 or 8 years back in the past. This is the ultimate proof – imo – that nofap works. This can’t be the fruit of hazard there is no fucking way I didn’t even expect them to come back while starting nofap. Penis was 14-15cm maximum before nofap. Reaches 16.5-17cm on a rock-solid one.

– Music feels better.

Regarding flatline : Idk if I went through it. I had moments of “less” but I couldn’t say if it is flatline or not. Future might tell me, or not.

I already knew – but I was denial – this shit is a life-changer and I can confirm it.

The journey is not ended yet though.

I don’t want to relapse since I am loving these benefits so much that I would hate myself for relapsing. My last relapse hit me like a headbutt and I don’t want to feel crap like this again.

I am still healing and will be for the upcoming months and years. As I said previously, I don’t expect 10-11 years of porn to be cleared up by magic in 30 days. But it motivates me. And I hope it will also motivate you.

Never give up.

It is worth it guys.

LINK –Day 30 – Benefits I’ve had so far (Acne Before After, Women’s Attraction, PIED, Fog…)

by Baguettstronaut