Age 21 – Women are more beautiful; I’ve almost stopped fantasizing.


Guys, I know you can do it. I did! And I was addicted to PMO for 7 years. Now I barely ever fantasize. Also, woman are a lot more beautiful now. I see natural beauty whereas before I  looked at women like they were objects.

Male 21. 90 days, no PMO, no edging, lots of wet dreams. Since I finally made it to 90 days, I figured I would share how I got through my biggest trigger: the bathroom.

  1. Every-time you go into the bathroom, know beforehand exactly why you are even going in there. Example: “Okay, I’m going in here to pee, that’s it. In and out.
  2. No phones! (except for rule #3)
  3. I play very loud gospel music when I’m in the shower. (side note, I don’t do cold showers because I hate the cold like I hate pmo.)
  4. Don’t touch your peen! Clean fast, pee fast, poo fast, don’t linger.

Good Luck!

LINK 90 DAYS! (How I conquered the bathroom)

By drydenjoss