Age 22 – 200 days: I feel a lot better now. I am more confident, I can smile to people, talk to both girls and guys alike.


22 yo, student/reporter, living with an asexual girlfriend jor four years and counting. Learning on NoFap since 2016. So, today is the day my streak reached 200 days! I haven’t fapped since February, and I have learned two things that you need to know as well. Two things that worked for me, and might not work for you, but here they are:

FORGET THE CHALLENGE. You’re here to make a change, right? If the 90 days challenge seems impossible, just forget about the days. It’s a “NoFap lifestyle” you’re after, a life in which you control yourelf, feel your emotions and don’t back off when hard times arrive. Think of a flu for example. You don’t actively count the days it takes for you to recover, right? There are no counters. And when does the fever usually go down? When you sleep. It’s the same thing with NoFap in my opinion: don’t let it control you either. You are in control!

EVALUATE YOUR ACTIONS. You want to feel happy, right? Then do what does you good in the long run. This is vital. Where you might not like working out or studying, you will feel awesome after a while, once you start noticing the positive changes in your body and mind. I personally focus on my linguistics studies and go swimming in the increasingly freezing lake twice each day. It started off being horrible, but now I like the feeling of just doing something because if will make me feel good afterwards. I can ensure you: fapping does not do that! Evaluate your actions, challenge yourself and see the changes!

I feel a lot better now. I am more confident, I can smile to people, talk to both girls and guys alike. I dress more nicely, and just feel good about being me! Good luck, every single member of this terrific community! See you on TRIPLE DIGITS soon, ladies and gents!

If you have any questions, or just need somebody to talk to, feel free to ask! 🙂

LINK – 200 days of NoFap report, living with an asexual girlfriend. Two things you need to learn as well!

by Uimari