Age 22 – ED: Successful Sex After 300+ Days. Relationship Has Bloomed.

Hello guys I’m so satisfied and that’s why I want to make this post to give you all hope. For all those who are only now starting and have no hope, don’t worry don’t panic i’ve been in your situation too!

Yesterday I’ve had first successful sex both for me and my gf and that’s why I decided to finally write here. We used to have sex before but she was never near O (because I had sort of PE) unless i go down on her afterwards. Yesterday we were finally both happy at the same time and there were no PE – I felt like I can O whenever I wanted to.
Basic info:
– 22yr, heterosexual male
– Watched porn regularly at least once a day since 11 to 21 yrs old
– Escalated through some genres that were no longer connected with vanilla sex that much at around 17yrs
– First 2 months wanted to try hardmode but I relapsed 3 or 4 times and only after that I managed to go 5 months hardmode after I orgasmed from gf’s HJ
– So I described first 7 months and last 3+ months were filled with O with my gf (HJ more often than PIV sex)

Before NoFap:
– Lazy guy that smoked weed every now and then
– Didn’t do any sports at all
– Been spending almost 7 hours a day on my phone(not counting porn)
– Couldn’t get, let alone maintain, an erection in any sexual opportunity
– Watched porn every day for 10 years and last year i’ve watched it probably 3 or 4 times a day
– 0 morning woods last couple of years
– Haven’t smoked weed whole summer nor this autumn and I intend to keep it that way
– Go on basketball or tennis regulary
– Spend less time on my phone and much more with my girlfriend
– Regained much sensitivity in my penis, able to get and maintain erection for sexual activities
– My relationship bloomed because I’m not impotent any more and my girlfriend now feels hot and beautiful as she always should have
– I still have some issues with my sensitivity- i can only have two rounds of sex a day even though one is enough for me. For the third round my libido is completely dead but I can still get it up and maintain it that way but I feel too much pain down there and i can’t do much because of it
– MW 4 or 5 times a week

Overall experience:
I can say that NoFap really helps a lot but believe me it is not enough.You can go NoFap 10 years and still go limp every time.You need to change your mindset about sex because porn teaches you that all focus should be on you, but reality isn’t like that.You have to find loving partner and give them all your attention and forget about nofap, reboot, dick and everything of that sort and just make them enjoy themselves.I know there are a lot of threads about flatline but screw that, don’t even think about the flatline, don’t give it any importance and it will go by faster, just forget about it. So if you want functional sex life here are some steps:
1) Stop Porn forever and never ever return to it or you will destroy your progress
2) Change your lazy ass habits (start doing sports, studying, reading, jogging or anything that will take your mind off laying in bed and thinking about hot bitches on pornsites)
3) Set NoFap goal and stick to it until you reach it and then don’t ruin it but rather keep going
4) Find a loving partner and be honest about your situation, most women are very supportive when you open up to them
5) When engaging sexual activity don’t worry about your willy, it doesn’t have to work there are a lot of other ways to give your SO pleasure.When you take that pressure off your back a.k.a. performance anxiety reboot will go much smoother for you.
Don’t get me wrong when I mention before and after nofap – there were no superpowers or any similar bullshit that people describe. NoFap didn’t make me do that things rather my motivation to change my shitty lifestyle. Don’t expect that keeping your semen will make you superhero super handsome or something like that- NO IT WILL NOT 100%. NoFap cures your PIED but in order for it to work you need to change your shitty lifestyle by following steps that I mentioned above.
If you have any questions I will be happy to answer all of them

LINK – Successful PiV sex after 300+ days(10+ months)

By – Stiffy999