Age 22 – Feeling confident & lively, Anger issues solved, Prostate has improved, Less social anxiety, No brain fog


Recently completed 2 month of hard mode and results are amazing. I used to M on YouTube soft porn. Normally during period of studies I MO’d weekly but when there were days of vacations, It went out of control. I used to spend hours daily masturbating to YouTube porn [sex scenes]. I was addicted to it and could not leave it even after repeated attempts.

I started this bad habit when I was 16 years old [now 22 years old]. It started having bad effects on my health. I was lazy, depressed, angry, frustrated. My hairs started turning white [still are]. Prostate congestion problems as a result of spending too much time aroused without ejaculation. Since July 2017 approximately i started losing my hairs [have lost significant amount of hair]. Then after September 2017 I also started having pain in my penis while masturbating.

 At that point I tried to avoid M but still failed to resist the temptation and as a result situation became worse. On December, 2 2017 I had a significant pain while masturbating. I then came to know that i am suffering from penile vein thrombosis. At that time I decided not to PMO again and harm myself more, I joined nofap which made it possible for me to abstain from porn and hopefully I will not relapse again. My condition has improved a lot since 2 months.

1) Hair loss has reduced significantly but hair on the front of skull are thin.
2) Feeling confident and lively.
3) Anger issues solved.
4) Less social anxiety.
5) Penis has healed significantly. Still experience low level pain sometimes.
6) No new white hairs [apart from those whitened before as a result of PMO].
7) More control over my urges.
8) No brain fog.
9) Prostate has improved! (Not fully but better than before)

Summary: PMO destroyed my life and my health significantly. Hopefully I will not relapse again and get those amazing days back when i was not addicted. [Sorry for grammatical / spelling mistakes as English is not my language.]

 LINK – My Journey on HardMode

by AhmD,