Age 22 – For those who are finding answer, Nofap can cure PIED 100%

Hi reddit, I’ve been lurking in this sub for quite sometimes. After I’ve achieved 90 days, I feel like I need to share with you guys my experience. As for introduction. I’ve started watching porn and masturbate since I was 13, everyday (average once per day) until 4 months ago (I’m 22 now). As I’m in South East Asian country where sex before marriage is harder to find than in the west, I start to pay for prostitute at around 17. It was quite horrible experience, from that first day till 4 months ago, my only succession ejaculation was only once and that was with my gf. All the other sex I’ve encountered, I cannot to manage to finish by sex alone, I need to ask them to do handjob for me to finish.

I then discovered later via Google and nofap that I may have PIED. The things that motivate me to start these 90 days was when I had sex with the last escort before I start my challenge. She’s angry and don’t understand why she cannot get me up and after that experience, I was very ashamed and depressed. Then I started my hard mode 90 days challenge. It’s my first time of this challenge and I managed to complete with 0 relapse (very easily) because that feeling of ashamed came to my thought all the time.

Last week, I’ve finished my challenge, and go for escort to test my ED again. It was the second best moment in my life, I nearly cried. I can finish with escort with condom on (never sex without condom once). For those who is finding answer, NOFAP CAN CURE PIED 100% From what I’ve read about prostitute, there are many negative view from this sub where there are no intimacy and prostitute can be bad for you. Well guys, I don’t know that is it because paid sex in my country can be very intimacy or what, but I don’t have any negative things about prostitute at all. Today is the second day with same prostitute and my sex drive is rolling stronger.

These are all the experience I wanted to share with you, I’m not very good in English, but I hope this will help people who is doing the challenge to have more motivation to complete the goal. Thank you 🙂

TLDR: Nofap cures PIED

LINK – Achieved 90 days hard mode, PIED, prostitute, experience and more

by Siwatgolf