Age 22 – From kiss-less virgin to lost virginity (with girlfriend)

Lost virginity today. I was also a kiss-less virgin before this streak. Oh and I’ve been practicing NoFap for a year and a half to acquire all the benefits I have acquired, which is mostly confidence, charisma, a sense of humour and a positive outlook on life. That’s all I gotta say. Thank you to each and everyone of you. I practiced nofap for a year and a half with many slips in between but I never quit trying to quit watching porn. I am currently 38 days nofap

I was so afraid of ED or Premature Ejac.., I didn’t have any problems there. I lasted an average amount of time. Oh and most of all I didn’t expect to give her an orgasm, through oral though ofc. It felt natural, I was less nervous than expected and I’m just glad I finally mustered the courage to do it. we were dating for 4 or 5 weeks. First date i told her about nofap, about a week ago i told her im a virgin. She was experienced and said she finds in very very cute.

[I noticed the charisma effect] Usually about 3 or 4 weeks in every streak. I averaged streaks of around 21 days.

I stopped smoking weed, that was also of extreme importance. Most of all I started trusting in myself and that I am worthy of having a gf, then I let go of my fears. Its all about mindset , that You gotta figure out for yourself.

We dated 5 weeks before sex. We are bf gf now

A girl gets uncomfortable because she sees you get uncomfortable (at least i think so), its mostly important to have confident body language like eye contact for example, more than what you say anyway.

Ofc, everything is in my head. But letting go of an addiction like porn made me more interested in girls in real life and more attracted to them, making me work trying to get them.

LINK – 22 years old, 38 days, lost virginity today. NoFap and NoFap attraction works, it makes you lose your fears.

By Pontifex_maximus1996

Reply: yes, what u say is also having positive effects on me. A sense of humor, a means to not add swearing, more charismatic, a sense of smell, better taste in music and my brain is defaulting to basic sex acts rather than extreme acts. Its kinda like forcing a toilet to flush in your brain lmao