Age 22 – From overweight and depressed to good job, fit body and being known as “the chief”


I started NoFap three years ago when I was 19. I had been fapping since I was in 9th grade almost everyday before bed and when I was alone in my small house. I grew up in a semi-poor environment and the stress of the world and my life was relieved through the dullness fapping left me. I was 250lbs for my 5’9″ frame. My hygiene slipped, teeth yellowed, mind fogged, life stagnated: I was living in depression.

I didn’t go to college like everyone else or the few friends I made did (I lost motivation to socialize because of fapping and neglected attention from girls because I could just fap instead of “waste” time with them).

I was at home and the world was passing me by. Procrastinating, overly sensitive, isolating myself, going on robot mode, starting but never finishing, etc. I failed my DMV knowledge driving test twice and sunk into despair. I wanted to have the good life but was too lazy to go after it. After all, we all die in the end, right? I went from A student and living life to a D student with depression.

I found NoFap when looking at reasons why I was so tired all the time. It took me three relapses but since NoFap seemed so radical (and honestly like dumb science), I tried it and stuck on. I didn’t expect anything but I had nothing to lose.

My life changed dramatically since that day, January 11, 2015. Today is my 3 year anniversary. In that time, I did things I never could have without NoFap.

My Major Accomplishments:

  1. I easily passed my DMV driving test and knowledge test on my first try and practically the information flowed to me.
  2. My social anxiety and stress about anything was obliterated within 2 weeks of NoFap. I could easily look the President in the eye with confidence if I needed to.
  3. My “we’re all gonna die and life is trash” mentality is gone. I can handle extremely stressful situations with clarity, realness, and confidence.
  4. I remember my past and memories that faded came back to me. I’m curious. I’m smart.
  5. I sleep 4.5 hours a day and can’t sleep any longer because of how much energy I have. Prior, 9 hours a night wasn’t enough and I hated the day. I bounce out of bed now and have perfect clarity most days. Women and men all compliment my enthusiasm.
  6. I weigh a solid 155lbs. now and workout 6 hours a week and have a great body. I love to workout now when before walking was a struggle for me.
  7. I can take criticism and don’t feel the same amount of violence toward people who anger me at all. Before, someone flipping me off would be reason for me to kill them but now I can shrug off bad criticism.
  8. I finished a coding bootcamp easily and work in San Francisco as a software developer making $101k a year salary. Before NoFap, I couldn’t remember what my breakfast was from yesterday. On NoFap, things that I learned stuck with me.
  9. I enlisted in the Army reserves like I always dreamed, easily scored a high score, and am currently in it for 3 more years while working my career.
  10. I’m not addicted to anything at all anymore. I do everything in moderation and have found a passion for work well done now instead of Asa Akira or for Pornhub.
  11. I lost my virginity and even though I didn’t orgasm for 2 years before sex, I had a great time and she did too and I lasted long because of my confidence. My first time lasted more than 40 minutes on my first try without me struggling. Women aren’t the end all be all to me. I value the good ones and see them as humans.
  12. I have a great social life. Women flirt with me constantly at work and around me. I can make anyone laugh without meaning to and a coworker told me last week that people around me call me “the chief” because of how calm, collected, entertaining, and friendly I am to everyone. I don’t even make an effort to because my default mode now is this.
  13. I’m myself. I do me. I don’t look for permission or study for days on a subject. I look to wise and smart people but I don’t rely on “Oh, let me see if I should do this and see if any other successful person does this.” I don’t try to mimic people I admire or go through idiotic “phases” anymore. I’m me.
  14. I’m satisfied with life and what I have while wanting to achieve success at the same time. I appreciate everything. My “dark thinking” days are over.
  15. I can look into things more complex instead of the “black and white” thinking I had while fapping.
  16. I’m not a pushover. I don’t say “Uh-y-y-okay.” to whatever someone tells me to do. I’m assertive and take care of my life first. My priorities are straight.

Those are only some of the great things that happened to me. I can feel again. Live again. Think again. Innovate and invent again. Remain grounded but looking to the sky. I’m 23 and couldn’t be happier.

Remember, if you take anything from this, to live for the past. What I mean is to start your day or life with intention: how do you want to remember today when you got to bed at night or a year from now? Did you enjoy each moment? Did you work hard? Did you stress little? Live so that you’ll have good memories in the future. That way, in order to have a good memory, you have to live a good now! Live today and now with meaning and happiness so that when today eventually becomes the past, you’ll look back on it with joy.

Strive for goals: without them, life means nothing. If you’re not moving forward in any aspect of life, you’re moving backwards. Nothing in nature stagnates: everything deteriorates. Your teeth may be in good shape now but if you don’t maintain them, they rot slowly. Your body, mind, finances, and life all work the same way.

Reverse engineer your life: how do you want to remember these next days 4 weeks from now? Then, go do it! You want to weigh less and look better. Good. Do things in the next 4 weeks that do just that. Want to stop being a sick dummy and creep who humps pillows like I did or cum on the same hand that one day will hold his own baby boy or girl or pet his future wife? Do things in the next 4 weeks that don’t lead to that.

Someone asked a Navy Seal “What’s one thing people learn too late in life?” His reply? “It’s all on you.”

Life is all on you, Fapstronaut. As the billionaire Charlie Munger said, at the end of the day, if we live long enough, we all get what we deserve. No drill sergeant, YouTube video, motivational song, $8.99 Amazon book, or anything can make you do something. The shortest distance between your dream and getting that dream is a straight line. Self-discipline is all on you. Live life by choice. Boys “have to”. Men choose to. Choose to succeed. Choose to wake up early. Choose to work hard. Choose to workout. Love the grind. If you hate the grind of life, you hate life. Love the work you do whatever it is and love the rewards of that work. Wake up every day better than the day before. We all have one life.

In the words of Helen Keller, life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

LINK – NoFap Success Story: How My Life Changed

By 4500mateo