Age 22 – Greater energy. Improved concentration. Greater control over self. Good eye contact. Better concentration. Improved memory.

Starting with the name of Allah the Almighty, finally I did it. It always seemed impossible for me to stop PMO at times in my life but I was wrong, what I needed was firm determination, motivation , consistency, mindfulness, a company or platform where I could share my feelings, and luckily I got it all together at one place that is nofap forum. I was left with no option rather to give up PMO for good. There was no excuse to turn back…. today I m done with first month of nofap and it is kinda great success for me. I am so happy that I can’t explain in words. Factors that helped during the journey, so far that should be noted are.

1. Indulging yourself in activity so that you find no time to even think about it.
2. By reminding yourself again and again about the severity, consequences, harms, and in what way pmo destroyed your life.
3. The best use of nofap forum, by visiting the forum again and again, by reading success stories, by participating in a challenge, by updating your status every day, and by encouraging others through comments and likes(it boost up your energy and motivation of nofap).
4. Avoiding stress as stress is one of the greatest triggers for pmo cravings.
5. By socializing, by making more friends. Etc

benefits so far I noticed in myself…
1. Energy.
2. improved concentration.
3. Weight gain as i was lean and thin.
4. Thick hairs.
5. Greater control over self.
6. Good eye contact.
7. Better concentration.
8. Improved memory.

These are almost common to all who acquire longer streak. But there are few that i find unique in myself (may not be unique to others but I feel that way) .
1. No fear, I do what i like to and don’t what I don’t like, I don’t give shit to what other people think.
2. I am more straight forward to say what is in my mind. I don’t hesitate.
3. More power and enthusiasm to abstain from pmo.

LINK – And i did it.

by newday123