Age 22 – I am a lot less shy than I used to be. I passed all my exams despite the fact I wanted to quit my third year of med school & kept a grade score of 9.65/10

Hi, I discovered NOFAP in January 2018 when I wanted to reduce my fapping and porn watching habit and found myself watching BDSM porn on Christmas and I don’t even like it.

The first few months were an emotional disaster, I cried all the time and tried to cope with med school, with my empty life and everything that bothered me. I started orgasming with fapping around once a week or so after august I think, but I want to make 90 days again, and this time I think it’s gonna be even better since I know my shit now and am a lot more stable than before.

As for the results, I must say it isn’t quite as people explain it, but I still got some. I am a lot less shy than I used to be. I lost weight and gained some muscles, became winder in shoulders and back, and I also grew some beard and buzz cut my hair so I have a new recognizable style now. I passed all my exams despite the fact I wanted to quit my third year of med school, and kept a grade score of 9,65/10. I went to my first travel abroad alone and met new people there, and started going to gym which was a living hell for me. I started valuing myself more and giving shit about others less, and in general became much more resistant to loneliness and independent.

I must say that no one supported me except my closest friends, mature 30+ women and family. Everyone else thought I was weird and I should just fap and watch porn every day and have sex with prostitutes and stuff. I was rejected by literally every girl I liked, and as much people saw my changes, no one wanted to acknowledge my hard work and effort or to think I am a mature and respectable person, but I just kept on being alone and working even harder.

I did things I thought I could never pull off, and I must say, after getting hurt and rejected so much, thinking I wasn’t good enough, thinking I am not handsome enough I can finally say I at least did my part and am proud of myself. So don’t ever expect anything on anyone. This is your journey of self recovery, of self improvement and of self acknowledging.

Usually I don’t like typing because I feel bored by it, but I really want to tell everyone that even when it seems it doesn’t work, it can still be a lot worse, and you are doing your best. And if anything goes wrong, it’s just a way of your life saying to you there is a different path with something better going on for you. I know it sounds cheesy but I am really grateful that I found this network and I wish all luck and happiness to all people out there.

If anyone wants something from scientific medical field explained, or if anyone wants a study buddy online you can always call me.

Best wishes!

LINK – My views on NOFAP

by TheyCallMeRussian