Age 22 – I can’t believe I beat my PIED: I am alive once again

I swear nofap is ******* real
It is dead *** real
Don’t mind my typo as i am seriously happy right now
I am never going to porn and masturbation again
Never ever in my life
So my short intro
I am 22 being masturbating for about 5+ years. Not really sure of how long tho
A virgin too i can say
Cause i had sex with some girls back in high school and i couldn’t get it up at all
It was hard when we were making out but then as i was about putting my dick in it went flaccid.
I have tried having sex like 3 times but all the same the sex was unsuccessful due to PIED

So today i girl i met came over, i knew sex was going to happen but i was scared already that this wouldn’t happen again but mind you i had gone 40 days hard mode no PMO then relapse then before she came today i had gone another 40 days hard mode no PMO
I couldn’t believe we had successful sex
We even went on 2 rounds
The first one was quick
Let’s say about 3-5 minutes
While the second one took a while
Let’s say about 15-20 minutes
I can’t believe i beat my PIED
Please guys trust me nofap actually works
It works legit

I have always had this doubting mind that it doesn’t work, it got to a stage i was already saying that Gary Wilson hired some people to tell lies on success stories on this forum

That was how bad my PIED was

But i can say successfully now that my PIED is gone
And i am never going to masturbate in my life ever again

Please feel free to ask me any question i am ready to answer them

I am alive once again


by Skillzthebadguy