Age 22 – I don’t react to bullshit anymore, sleeping way better, clearer skin, more motivation

This shit really does wonders for you. Life is overall better for me but I know I still have a LONG LONG way to go because I’ve been PMOing since 10 years old (22 now).

Some benefits and things I have experienced:

  • More confidence

  • No brain fog anymore

  • I’m calmer, less angry, I don’t react to bullshit anymore

  • I go outside more, I never really wanna stay inside

  • I have realizations about the things I need to work on. (For example, I am absolutely terrible at card games and uno, so I’m trying to become better strategically)

  • Videogames have become boring to me

  • Women and Men compliment me more

  • Better respected amongst others

  • Sleep schedule is way better, PMOing to sleep doesn’t cross my mind anymore.

  • Skin is clearer and looks much healthier

  • Constantly motivated to learn new things

  • Better body and muscle definition since I started working out

  • Overall Self-acceptance, strengths and weaknesses, a desire to improve and be smarter

  • I feel like I can make better choices

Honestly, the “superpowers” I see people talking about in this sub is really you embracing who you are as a person and people can read that and they gravitate towards you. It honestly all starts with you.

LINK – Reached Day 90 for the first time! Thoughts and Benefits I experienced

By aqvila