Age 22 – I found my personality, depression gone, enjoying people

Some things to say before I get into the details. I’m not done. I don’t wanna be done. I am so happy to be here. I failed ALOT ALOT ALOT of times. When I say failures, this means PAST streaks, not this one. This one was pretty legit. This is a milestone to me, not a goal; SO, I am still on the clock, ya FEEL ME.

I am getsexy2017, and I did the nofap challenge. I tried to not orgasm, look at porn, or masturbate for 90 days. This is a lil bit of my story.

I can confidently say now, I love myself for the way that I work/am and the way I strive to better myself. That took the longest to be able to say. For the longest time I was unhappy with where I was and it was even hard to get up some mornings. My favorite thing that happened recently:One time I even got extremely drunk and told some girl(I slept on her floor) all about nofap and my streak. Rather than being disgusted she told me that it was cool to see someone that was genuine, and someone who didn’t try to even remotely hit on her. SO MY STREAK HAS BRUSHED MY INNER MOST THOUGHTS. Also, 2018 is the year of respecting women, get on that boat boys and girls.

E4: Originally I did this for girls. I can’t lie. Over time I have just toned it more for myself. People just come and go as I change myself and get further in this journey. I thought that getting a girl would make me feel less lonely but it was just another thing that I THOUGHT I needed. Now its more for friendship and then maybe I’ll find someone that sticks above the rest.

I can talk to people now, and people try to talk to me. It’s lit. But I have a bursting positive personality now. I just feel like a kid again. It is so nice and peaceful.

One Thing I want to prescribe to people is to try the Calm App. They have a great 7 day FREE program that helped me get into meditation and Mindfulness. Another place to check out some mindfulness is the subreddit of /r/Meditation.


I guess this is where I attest to r/nofap and the cult(LOL). Superpowers are real, but they are just a part of my personality now. If more come to me I will fill this part in.

  • I found my personality. I learned that I LOVE to support people. I like to have someone’s back, be their hype man. I feel like I give sound advice where I can and can listen to problems very effectively. It is also kind of my actual job to be someone’s mentor/hype man.
  • Eyes The window to the soul. I can look people in the eyes and I’m TELLING YOU. Some people are just drop dead gorgeous. Try it some time 😉
  • Attractive.I am pretty sure I am a dime piece This will be short and to the point to not be any sort of douchey or boastful. I feel more attractive and people trying to talk to me sometimes reinforces that. DON’T find me acting like some trashcan because of this THOUGHT. Gotta stay grounded boys and girls.
  • Music has become more and more beautiful It is what it is man, people put a lot of hard work into that shit.
  • Positive mindset This just is what it is. I have learned to be less pessimistic and more optimistic.
  • ALOT LESS DEPRESSION When starting my streak I was horribly depressed. I know I might have not have had it as bad as some others, but boys PLEASE. PLEASE. Trust me in that saying things always get better. THEY ALWAYS DO PLEASE TRUST ME. Things take time. We only notice we are out of the shitter when we are on top of the world.[Disclaimer: If you find that you are depressed and need to talk, do not hesitate to find the crisis hotline :Call 1-800-273-8255 ,24 hours a day]
  • NO Brain-fog In classes it is so much easier to be intertwined and actually take in what I am learning. Things come to me more easily, and I don’t get distracted with self-doubt and fear.
  • Being able to make changes in my life If I don’t like something. I FUCKING CHANGE IT. That is it. No complaining, that won’t help. Just get on that boat and start chuggin.
  • I have just become more muscular. This part is nice. I can also get more focused and run for longer in the sport that I do.
  • My time management is not suddenly cured, but its better. Don’t get me wrong. I still get lazy sometimes, I am just not going to fap during that laziness
  • Meditation. Harder to stick down to a routine than anything. But by far the most helpful in my early days with depression and feeling lonely. Being able to quiet my mind was by far the best thing that helped me in my streak. I am still trying to develop good habits to meditate daily. This is CRUCIAL.
  • I can notice personality. I am still skewed slightly from this but I see people more for their personality rather than their outer beauty. It is so easy to get tricked into something just over beauty and not for their inner personality. /u/Constatine7 Told me “Regarding women I completely agree. I think it is better to not need a woman when you find one. You don’t want to find her for sex, but love her because you love her as a person. This love can then blossom into romantic love.” TOO TRUE TOO TRUE.
  • Being able to talk to PEOPLE(not just girls). This one was huge for me. I learned to just listen to all people. Everyone has a story, and they are important.

Day Counter Updates

Day 0-14 By far the hardest part of the streak holy shit. This is the time where it takes the most effort because it is the biggest change. Biggest part of my failures happened here. This is where meditation came in handy. I couldn’t stick to it sadly, but as I write this I plan to start up again.

Day 14-30 Still some hiccups but the urges are going away. I felt more lonely in this part than anything. 2nd hardest part of the streak. This is where I may have differed from the norm. I still felt like I was lonely and depressed in this stage, some bursts of confidence but they were short-lived.

Day 31-70 Loneliness, More change. Becoming more confident. This set of the streak for me was a dead zone. I was never sure whether I was actually changed(looking back I definitely was). Urges still come and go but some days you don’t even think about fapping.

Day 71-90 HYPE MACHINE This is where I feel like I blossomed. This is where I turned into the person that I can say I love. There are a few single hiccups, turning down urges is simpler because personally I feel like I made it this far, there is a crowd behind me that doesn’t want to see me fail. I became more personable in this stage, and I definitely was happier, more generally elated most of the time, and I kind of just took it all in.

TL;DR I will edit this alot. I just want the people skimming this to know. IT’S WORTH IT. Take this chance to change and better yourself and never look back. Through 90 days I am not done. I don’t wanna be done. The benefits are real and the life change DOES happen. Some days it sucks, and I mean it REALLY SUCKS. But I did it and so can you.

You got this 🙂

I’m 22.

LINK – I get to do it now boys. My 90 days

By getsexy2017