Age 22 – Definitely more attentive to my girlfriend and I feel healthier

A whole two months have passed since I told myself I would stop with PMO. I find myself being more open to talking about rebooting and the perils of watching porn with other people. That’s something that I never thought would happen for me, because I was always so ashamed to talk about it. Now, I feel like I can educate other people about it in hopes of getting them to stay away from PMO.

I have a lot more energy than before, and I feel healthier, as well. I’m definitely more attentive to my girlfriend, which is something I should’ve been doing all along, but I’m glad that it’s happening.

Not once have I thought to watch porn in the past month, so I’m glad to say I’m making strides in bettering myself and changing my life. Now I’m looking to September 16th, where I’ll be at 90 days.

Wish you guys luck in your own personal journeys.

LINK – 60 Day Mark

by BigCatTunski