Age 22 – Life is so beautiful and people are are actually not always here to hurt you

It’s been a hell of an adventure, but i’m proud of myself. Keep grinding my friends. Ask me anything you want!!

I would say at about the 30 day mark I really started to feel the benefits of nofap. I was noticing everything around me, started to realize women were attracted to me because I was so aware of my surroundings. Before, I was so focused in my own world and never was able to notice things because I walked with my head down. Now I walk with my head up always looking forward and can notice so many different things in the world.

This made me realize how I have been missing out on society. My body image was so poor before and it really gave off negative vibes to people. I always used to get comments like, “you look like you don’t care” “you look so tired.” But in reality I cared a lot about everything but gave off bad energy.

Since no one wanted to interact with me because of my poor body image, I set up this belief in my mind that people were rude and mean. In reality, the world can be a very nice place (depending on who you interact with).I would think that there was something wrong with my physical looks, instead of the way I carried myself. When I started to believe more in myself and my confidence, I was really like wow!!! Life is so beautiful and people are really actually not always here to hurt you.

I never had a specific instance where some girl shared extreme interest in me and approached me. I feel like now since I have so much confidence, girls are actually more afraid to approach me. I would have girls talk to me all the time before nofap, maybe because they liked me or because they saw me as an easily approachable person because I seemed weak and nervous all the time.

Resiliency is the key to the beginning stages of NoFap. If you’re not familiar with that term, you should look it up. I was highly motivated, but did a good job handling urges. I basically kept myself busy all the time and was out of my room playing sports or hanging out with friends. It wore my body out and I never had the urge to fap because I wasn’t alone most of the day when I had the most energy.

I would find times when I would suddenly have the urge to fap because of a stressful situation that was going on in my life at that moment. To deal with this, I kept reminding myself that fapping is very bad for you and won’t allow you to fully be yourself and that it will keep you in a bubble.

I definitely feel that my social anxiety has completely diminished and it makes me feel great. I was starting to notice it like 2-3 weeks in and this benefit helped me deal with urges because I kept reminding myself that the social anxiety will come back. I know it sounds like I made nofap a crutch in my life, but for me this tactic worked because social anxiety has been the death of me since early teenage years (22 now).

Now I don’t even worry about nofap or fapping because now I see everything so clearly and with an open mind. I see that P objectifies women and makes them seem worthless. I don’t want to go back to this period of my life where I couldn’t respect or even like understand women because I objectifies them so much.

I’ve heard from a girl who is basically the queen of nofap that when you’re horny, you should eat a healthy snack. Your brain is craving that dopamine release and a healthy snack can help with that a lot.

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By H2Choke