Age 22 – Lost my virginity!

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Well I did it. Thought I was hopeless forever after turning down some opportunities in the past. Was a huge loner in highschool, never talked to any girls whatsoever until maybe grade 12. Fapping problem became it’s worse by then. Started nofap around college with manyyyy resets. But I knew I was heading in the right direction. Been working out 5-6 days a week ever since, acne cleared up

and getting honour roll grades in college which I never did in highschool. I’ve never dated before and always kept silent about my past. Met some cute girl from my school, went over last night and wow she was wild. After all these years my first kiss and much more was suddenly happening. It almost didn’t seem real. Nofap pulled me out of depression, gave me a better outlook on life and skyrocketed my confidence. Stay strong bros.

Each relapse accumulated this guilt inside of me. Seems like yesterday I was still 18 and now all of a sudden im 22 and times flying by. I didn’t want to look back at my younger years and regret it. I still wish I could do highschool over, join more teams and get better grades. But all I cared about was video games and jerking off. I’m still considered young so why fuck up my 20s too. I had enough.

I will agree that while it was nice, it was totally overrated. I just felt like it was something I wanted to share to my nofap bros haha and doing something like this was wayy out my comfort zone. I don’t plan on sleeping around or racking up ‘kills’  I actually plan on staying in touch with this girl. I’m not going out of my way to rack up girls. This wasn’t a one night hookup. She was a year younger, it had its awkward moments here and there but I overall it was fine. And no I didn’t [tell her I was a virgin]. I think I did ok though because she wanted me to stay and is still texting me saying round 2?

Better than busting into my hand. It honestly didn’t even feel like a relapse. Actually feel great energy wise. While I think it’s an overrated achievement, going from a quiet loner who couldn’t even talk to girls to this seems like a benefit I wanted to share with the community I’ve followed for years now.

LINK – Well…lost virginity age 22

By kylemcc10