Age 22 – Lost my virginity


I’ve been on and off nofap for 4 or 5 years now. I achieved multiple 90+ day streaks, and it’ll definitely give you a healthier view on women and sex. It’s really liberating! [Now, I lost my virginity at 22] Will sex change me? How do i know i found the right person to do it with? What will it be like? How will it affect the relationship with that person?

I’m not posting this as a success story or to get congratulations. I had a lot of questions about being a virgin, so now that I’m not a virgin anymore, i feel compelled to share what i realised to those who are in the same position as i was.

I was raised with christian values and i was often conflicted. Society is telling me something different than what me parents did. And also, my body wanted sex, but raised with christian values (which I’m grateful for btw), I wanted to be careful with it and not to ‘waste’ it. But I felt conflicted so decided i didn’t want society to tell me how to feel about sex, i wanted to know for myself.

In August, i met a girl, (was around 50 days at that time, eventually reached 100) and she became my girlfriend this weekend. She also was my first kiss back in August.

Last weekend, she and i had sex (twice), it was both our first time. What i realized from this experience:

Having sex will not magically change you as a human being. On this sub, people talk about sex as if it is a absolute end goal in life. I’d say, no, relax, it is good, for sure, but definitely don’t stress out because you are a virgin. There is no shame in being late to ‘the game’, (I’m 22)! From my experience, sex is an activity to do with someone, not a life changer. I don’t feel as if there is a before and a after. It was an nice activity though! But the greatest about it for me was definitely the mutual connection between my girlfriend and me. Knowing that she wants me as much as i want her.

So my advice for anyone who is puzzled about the fact that they are still virgin; Do not worry too much! It will come, it will be good! Don’t eat yourself up about the fact that you feel left out. Don’t go chasing meaningless sex with drunk people or girls from tinder. When it comes, you’ll see that the most awesome thing is the love you get from the other person, not the physical sensations. My first kiss (at age 21) was just as awesome, probably even more awesome than having sex for the first time. Make it right when you do it!

I hope that this might be good insights for some of you. If there are any questions about my experience… AMA!

LINK – lost my virginity! Nofap virgins, listen up!

By yellowbike1