Age 22 – More energy. I feel happy much more often. Greater mental clarity. MUCH more confident socially. Stutter gone.


 It’s been one hell of a journey. I’ve learned a lot about myself and life as a whole. I’ll try sharing with you some insights and maybe inspire some of you like I’ve been inspired by so many before me. I got into NoFap about a year ago as a fun challenge, but that quickly changed when I saw how dependent of PMO I was. This is my third serious streak and I do not intent to lose it.


  • More energy: that is, without a question, undeniably true. I wake up 6h30 everyday to work without a problem. Some days seems like my body is producing natural cocaine at 7h.
  • Depression: I was never really depressed, but overall I feel happy much more often. Before NoFap it was like I was constantly in a low/average mood. Now it oscillates much more, which, I believe, is natural. I feel more sad when I’m sad (because I don’t numb it down with PMO) but I feel much happier when I’m happy.
  • Mental Clarity: This one is harder to notice but definetely present. I’m much more eloquent now; I can express complex ideas without forgetting words or stutter. I’m calmer and more direct when I speak and people take what I say more seriously. I’m a computer scientist and I believe I improved my logic skills and memory at least a bit. Or byte. haha.
  • Social Anxiety: I will not say it’s gone, but I feel MUCH more confident in social environments. I would never lead groups before NoFap, now that happens and it’s amazing. Approaching strangers is not as hard as it used to be.
  • Female Attraction: This one is huge. But its not magic, is a result of all the other “superpowers”. Because of more energy I work out like a lunatic. Because I’m happy more often I’m more talkative and funny. Because my mind is sharper I can carry interesting conversations. You also develop an abundance mindset that is magnetic to people in general. I’m currently seeing an amazing girl and I believe NoFap has great influence in that.

Some tips:

  • When you feel sad think of it as a good thing. Remember that everyone should be sad sometimes and you can only experience happiness if you were sad before. Think of it as training.
  • Avoid boredom at all costs, walking aimlessly is better than staying in bed. Focus on your personal projects/goals. Open notepad and write something, help your mom, clean your room.
  • Do not let your mind fantasize, don’t try to win the battle in your mind only, move your body. Get up and walk, run, workout, talk to people. It never fails.
  • I deleted social media, I’m not going to say you should too, but think like this: What does it bring of positive into my life? For me, the answer was nothing. I feel much more free now. Sometimes I feel the urge to get back into facebook but I understand that this is my mind looking for human interaction so I just go out and talk to someone. It’s very rewarding.
  • I really recommend working out. Improves your health, you become more attractive and confident by consequence. Do it in a frequency that makes it a thing you look forward to, not an obligation.

A little data:

  • I’m 22
  • Live in Brazil
  • I had 2 wet dreams during this streak.
  • I’m going “normal?” mode. Only PMO/MO prohibited.

I believe that’s all I have to share right now my friends, NoFap is definitely worth it. Keep those numbers going up and good luck.

LINK – 90 days Report

by CautiousUs3r