Age 22 – My life has changed dramatically the past three months


I made it, just past the 90 day mark. My life has changed dramatically the past three months…since stopping all masturbation and porn viewing. I won’t ever look back, and have been rarely tempted to engage in any of these things. My results are as follows…

  • Supreme increase in social confidence – this has led to me securing a new job with 75% better pay! Which has meant I can buy a brand new Audi, not of huge significance but a good win nonetheless.
  • My “Game” with the opposite sex has skyrocketed – during the last three months, I have been on more dates and had more success with women than ever before. I even started dating a crush I had on this one girl in the office, that 9 who most of the guys in the office wish they had
  • Starting a business – I’ve started building two businesses I want to launch in 2018, I’ve had a real inner desire to start building and creating my own destiny, and to really become a man.
  • Got into the best shape – I had always been a regular at the gym, but my physique has actually gotten sharper over the last 3 months, this could be a coincidence but abstaining has actually helped fuel my workouts and dietary efforts.

I’ve had a real conviction over these few months that pornography and masturbation inhibits the ability of a man, to simply be a man. The positive effects have been evident for me. Sure I had a 2 week period of supreme flatline, but it’s so worth it. The 5 seconds of orgasm are so insignificant to the gains made in life via abstinence.

Keep going guys, it really is worth it.

Any questions please inbox or reply on this thread, I will be happy to help.

LINK – 90 Day Success – New Job, New Car, New Girlfriend!

by Romans61