Age 22 – PIED: I was having a lot of doubt about the whole “reboot process” but I can officially say that this works


I’m currently 8 months into my reboot and after a lot of flatlines, frustration and doubt I am finally seeing the changes I’ve been patiently waiting for. 8 months ago I was in the worst place in my life, constantly binge watching Porn and MOing to a point where I never thought I’d be able to stop. I felt horrible about myself and was at the point where my penis felt lifeless. I was having no morning erections, no desire to persue real partners and just pathetic to be completely honest.

But as of recently I have several random erections a day, waking up with fairly consistent morning wood and am beginning to have attractions to/ pursuing sex with actual women. The opportunity to test out my progress hasn’t come yet but I feel very confident that when the opportunity presents itself I will be able to perform.

I have to say I was having a lot of doubt about the whole “reboot process” and was becoming discouraged with how long it took to see results but I can officially say that this works and you just have to trust the process. I finally feel like a man again

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BY 21zo

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I’ll give a little background to start.  I’m 22 years old and have been watching porn since I was about 13 but didn’t get heavily into it until I was 18.  In my younger days I was always busy with school and sports so I probably watched porn about once a week maybe even less.  But when I graduated and went to college that was the first time in my life I had all this free time plus a brand new laptop then I really started watching heavily.  I started to notice that I wasn’t waking up with morning erections anymore and this was the first red flag.  Then I went to visit one of my fiends at his college and this is when I officially realised I has a problem.  He hooked me up with one of his friends and within minutes I had her undresses but I wasn’t getting hard and this was extremely weird to me considering about a year ago locking eyes with a girl would pretty much get me hard.  So I blamed it on the alcohol and told her she just had to go down on me and everything would be fine.  While she was blowing me I would get semi hard but the moment she stopped I would go limp again.  Another red flag was while she was blowing me I was the least bit interested like I couldn’t even care less it didn’t seem that good to me. Here I am with a hit girl blowing me and I just like “ehh”  This night ended with us not having sex and leaving me extremely frustrated.  I got home and hit the internet and realized that PIED is definitely something that has affected me and realised i had to stop watching.  The only problem was I couldn’t stop this vicious cycle of porn use and failed sex attempts is something I continued with up until January 2nd of this year where I finally committed.  I’m 47 days in and have to say I have noticed some differences.  My morning wood is back semi regularly and my anxiety and depression has dropped drastically I’m a lot more outgoing and social lately.

A couple weeks ago I met this banging girl at a bar she’s supposed to come over tomorrow night to watch a movie and hangout. My family will be home so i doubt we will be having sex but it is a possibility.  How should I go about this? Is there a possibility after 47 days I might be able to have sex? All these failed sex attempts over the past few years have definitely given me some anxiety about the whole situation as well.  I need advice and tips, please help