Age 22 – Rebooting with bipolar

I am 22 y.o. man and i have a bipolar I disorder. So what’s it feels like to have a BPD? It’s feels like a thousands of atomic bombs exploding in your brain. And my senses is more intensive. For example i can think about taking my life without any reason. It’s just randomly pops in my brain.

So, what about this addiction. I started to watch p*** since i was a 10 year kid. This sh*t is really ruins lives. In 2021 i decided to stop watch p*** and fapping. Because if not I don’t know what will happen next. I need to do it because of my life.

I was so angry at my self. That i was fat i weighted 93 kg and had a stomach. What i started doing first.
I started doing pushups as much i can. And also i fixed my eating habits. I ate less. More healthy foods like salads and vegetables.

So now my stomach is completely gone, now i weight 81 kg.
It’s all starts in our brains. At this point where i was fat i can’t imagine that i can do it. But i did.
Everything is possible only if you believe and do some action towards it. Last 3 years i was trying and trying to get only 10 days on my streak. But it won’t get to success.

And now i am on 30 days on my streak and I won’t give up. I will continue no matter what. Because it’s very important for my mental health.

If i did this 30 day’s even with my mental illness why can’t you do it?
Believe me, it’s possible, man you CAN DO IT! Just program your brain
believe and start doing something towards it.

What helped me in my journey.
First i set a goal to reach 30 days to write my story here. Sport really helped me. What else helped me. Each day i went through i just put a LEGO brick on the lego baseplate so i can physically touch and feel my day’s :)

So i started feeling more confident with girls. Four months ago i was scared even to say hello to a girl.
Now i speak to them free without any hesitation.
I invited one girl to the restaurant. I was scary like sh*t but i overcame my fear and it’s really worth it.

I draw and do oil paintings. I decided to draw her portrait and she was very happy with it. Now this girl is not answering I don’t know why, but whatever. I found another.

I was teaching her how to ride a snowboard and it’s was really fun thing to do. :)

The truth is this. How you thinking it’s a important part on this journey.
You need to believe that you can do it no matter what. No excuses. Like in army. You are your only soldier and captain.

LINK – 30+ days even with bipolar disorder + motivation

By 888Konichiva888