Age 22 – Severe PIED: New life! I haven’t felt this self-confidence for two years.


I’m 22; I used to do PMO things on a daily basis since puberty. Two years ago, I found myself having a severe PIED. At first I was denying it saying that I was exhausted or drunk or any other excuse, my girlfriend didn’t show any reaction she was afraid to embarrass me.

The PIED wasn’t regular and constant, we sometimes had good sex-time but the major days were not as good it should be.

Two months ago I finally managed to quit Porn for good. But I continued to do MO two times a week or so, a month passed and we did not feel any improvement. Then I decided to quit Masturbation and any self-pleasing touch, and I can tell that only one month made my life extremely better :’) we had GREAT time together in the last two weeks.

I haven’t felt this self-confidence for two years. I highly recommend nofap and can’t wait to see more improvements on my overall health in the near future.

LINK – New Life! Thank you guys

by justdoit880