Age 22 – The challenges are getting more manageable


The biggest benefit I see is just using my time more wisely. I’m doing a lot more productive things now that I don’t view porn and don’t have to lounge around NoFap and recovery groups all the time. Let me be real though, some days are still HARD. Some days I STILL wake up and am super horny and want to hump everything I see…but those days are fewer and farther between and are still more managable.

Learning how to meditate has helped me process these urges correctly.

Don’t get caught up in the trap I did and think that just because you are sober, you will master your sex drive. You will not. Some days it will still be out of wack, however you will know what to do when that happens.

I’m 22 yr male average joe.

I’m jumping straight to solutions because honestly it doesn’t matter who I am or where I came from. I’m just like any of you.

Things that helped me:

  1. Being open and honest with those that need to know. This included my parent and now my girlfriend. You do not need to divulge details but just be honest if you are struggling, they are more than willing to help.
  2. Pursue real relationships with the opposite sex. The more I find myself associating with the opposite sex, the less tempted I am to relapse. I never ever feel like looking at porn around my hot GF. It also helps that she’s supporting me.
  3. Have a good time killer that is not netflix or video games: doing the former two will increase your chance.


  1. When you are educated, GET OFF of NoFap and similar areas.

Don’t even check it. The whole point of NoFap is to help you BECOME somebody who just doesn’t PMO. Honestly, while you will be tempted, the objective is to be someone who doesn’t think about it as much.

That’s the problem with the majority of these meme-makers and self-idenitified “guru”‘s on here. They focus to much on NOT FAPPING and even think they are some kind of hero for getting 20 days or whatever.

This is tough love but…that’s kind of pathetic. No one will put their streak on their resume…so why should it be glamorized. The less I treated sobriety like some sort of heaven, the more sober I became. You will be tempted to aggrandize your personal struggle, which will only cause you to focus on it more.

THE KEY IS NOT ONLY TO QUIT FAPPING, but to BECOME someone that just doesn’t fap. It’s not like you go to the grocery store, successfully pass the donut aisle and then post about your aggrandized acheivement on reddit! You just don’t do it because that’s who you are!

It is tough love, but tough love is what got me here. I haven’t been on NoFap for 100+ days or so but I felt I should breifly come back to share whats effective.

Good luck men

I was a little extreme, NoFap and social media are ok up to a certain point, but we often transcend this point and abuse it. We will never be perfect.

LINK- What helped me get to where I’m at.

By djice46