Age 22 – Way sharper mentally, energetic and confident at will


So basically, over 4.5 years ago I’ve decided to stop PMO. I have always been aroused by women in real life, I wasn’t too deep into PMO luckily, started [NoFap] at the age of 17. I sometimes get some mini urges, but it doesn’t take much to fight them back. Fapping is unnatural. No need to deal with temptations anymore, it’s all second nature to me. That started on Day 150-200, to be honest.

Told my friend we should try it together, partially as as joke. I started it with a group of friends. Most broke it after 90 days. One held for like 2 years and broke it. I’m the last man standing. I fought alot of urges at the first 3-4 weeks, but I told myself I’m never ever going to break. Urges got weaker over time. At some point, it became second nature to not fap. It helped me become very strong mentally, and put me in the right mindset.

I’m always energized. I’ll never go out and sit back / be depressed at some place when I’m out with friends. Always confident, always energetic. In general I lead a healthy lifestyle so it’s a combination of everything. I was always confident and social, but I was less energized, just as you said. It just turned my behavior into consistent, every time I want to go out I can get myself buzzed instantly. Before so I was less stable and had those “tired” episodes.

I get wet dreams at pretty random intervals. I’ve learnt to accept it.

I have became more positive, that I can say for sure.

Basically, every time I woke up after a wet dream I remember laying on my stomach. Lay on your back completely so your body can’t turn around. The friction is what causes it, I think.

I never had any sexual release with girls before NoFap. I still have PE after a long time of not releasing, but when I enter a sexual relationship with a girl it kind of fades.

I had sexual release over the course of these 4.5 years, yes. Not necessarily sex, and not necessarily all the time. I had sex with one girl. With another girl, I was FWB with her for 2 years but we never had sex. We did everything else besides sex. vaginal sex isn’t the only kind of sexual interaction two people can make.

Basically, every urge you manage to go through (You don’t need to fight it, let it come to you) is a win. Every time you tell your mind “I’m not fapping, no matter what”, you gain a point. Every point you get makes the next urge easier to handle. At some point these urges become a non-factor.

Basically the hardest part was around weeks 3-4, and the end of week 1. Extremely strong urges.

Basically I feel ahead of most guys. I feel like I’m in the top percentage. I’m energetic, slightly overconfident, decent looking and girls find me attractive. I’m 22. Basically NoFap isn’t a magical potion. It gives you the motivation to do the things you want to do to advance in life. If you’re not doing those things, obviously you won’t see any benefits.

I feel way sharper mentally, my mind isn’t bothered too much. Best benefit is that I can be energetic and confident on command, as soon as I go out I can instantly enter a state of mind of confidence. Never feel mentally tired.

Start going out and doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, and leave your comfort zone. Start working out and build up your body.

I can sleep as much as I want to, I usually sleep 6-7 hours a day. Great sleep.

I work out 4 times a week and finished studying, now I’m going to start working. It sure as hell gives me more motivation to get stuff done.

Many many mood swings at the beginning. At the beginning, I felt really bad after ejaculating from a wet dream. First time I had my wet dream I felt like shit for like 2 days. Now it affects me for maybe a few hours after I wake up. Then I’m back to normal. Now it’s just “okay, that happened”. And when ejaculating with girls, nope, nothing bad. I just get a bit tired after ejaculation, for an hour or so.

[I fapped] from about age 12/13 to 17.5. So 5 years approx.I’d do it all over again. I’m not really sure about when I became sexually active. I think 1.5 years after starting, I hooked up with a girl and we became FWB for a long time.

I don’t drink at all. If I do, it’s a very little amount, like one shot or a few sips from a beer. Never got drunk in my life, and extremely happy about it. Can’t really help you about the hangover feelings, never felt it. I wasn’t really really addicted to porn, so I guess the change is less significant compared to people who are actually addicted.

I don’t regret ANYTHING. I’m extremely happy I’ve done this, I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything. I’ll never fap again. No reason to.

LINK – 1676 days, here to answer your questions.

By Yonkid