Age 22 – What nofap has done for me


I used to be that shy guy who couldn’t even talk to a girl without going bright red. Now after years of nofap I’ve relapsed many times but PMO is slowly drifting away from my life and now I have a muscular body, great haircut, better college grades, confidence and girls are literally throwing themselves at me.

This is the power of what trying to improve your life and removing that insecure desperate mindset, but believe me I went through a lot of mental pain and struggle and multiple failures before I got to this point.

I don’t need girls and I show that to them and it just makes them want you more. Even if it makes girls want you, don’t do it for them because it will make you weak. Do it for yourself; become disciplined, reduce alcohol intake or like me don’t drink at all.

Remove all things that cause you to be a slave to your demons

LINK – What nofap has done for me

by Intnofapper