Age 23 – 1 year: I’ve grown from a boy to a man over the course this year.


I’ve been doing hard mode since June of last year and I began NOFAP beginning of April last year, today marks exactly a year. I have had many stumbling blocks along the way. There were many days that I came very close to relapsing but I always stopped to remind myself that there was a time when I would have wished to even get past one day.

I looked to my future and what could be possible for me instead of what I did in the past. Everyday felt new.

I’ve grown from a boy to a man over the course this year. My hormones are high as fuck. When I walk around, I just radiate confidence. Women can’t help but notice me but I don’t focus on getting women anymore. That is how much I’ve grown.

I’m more focused on my career and becoming the best at what I do but I love women and I respect them. I did not respect women as much as I do now. Even having a simple conversation with a girl now, gives me a strong boner. I wake up every day with a hard on and I love it.

But what has also helped me is transmitting my sexual energy into focused energy for my career and my goal in life. I keep myself super busy and that is true trick if you want to be successful on this journey. When you are busy as fuck, you won’t even have time to think about PMO. I’m still after all just a man and eventually my hard mode will come to a stop and I will make love to a woman again but for now, I am conserving all my sexual energy to focus on becoming the best version of myself.

My goal right now is to reach 500 days of hard mode and I believe I can do it. If I did eight months of hard mode, I can reach those days easily. For me this is more than just a physical journey. It is a spiritual one too and I can say that my life has certainly transformed.

You guys can ask me any questions and I will be willing to answer them. Keep going, never give up, keep your eyes on the goal that you have and don’t let anything; not even yourself who is your greatest enemy, deter you away from it.


by master2nofap