Age 23 – 10 years of damage, 300 days of flatline, but I’m happy


Out of a 300+ day flatline – Ask me anything. Out of it since 3-4 weeks. I hope I can help some people, because I know how hard it was – I lost hope, didn’t believe in the journey… EVERYTHING! But now I am so happy that i waited it out. One of my toughest life challenges so far, really!!! so…AMA 🙂

14 years of damage needs lots of healing! My case was 10 years of daily damage! but trust me, the struggle is worth it. Please Google: Post acute withdrawal symptoms. They can last most likely up to 2 years. Depending on how addicted you are. My life was 100% perfect no bad things happened at all. But I was a extreme case. Started with porn with the age of 12 and escalated quite quickly to transgender stuff etc.

[How did you cope?] I accepted it. I still did my daily cold showers, meditation, training etc. The only way to get through it is to stop fighting it. We can’t change it, so why stress about it. Just waiting it out 🙂 I know its easier said than done. Especially the super ‘dark days’ can fuck ones mind really up. I also recommend reading the power of now and the happiness trap! Makes it way easier to deal with it. Life is suffering. If we really go for what we want in life, we will meet many bad emotions like anxiety, doubt, sadness etc. Thats part of being human 🙂

Main sign of a flatline is a dead Libido, no confidence, no motivation and low energy. Flatline = dead dick 100% of the time. nofap let you feel your emotions way more. A clear sign that you should act on it and change something in your life! Maybe your job, your eating habits, training, your social cycle etc bad emotions are always a sign that something isn’t working that great in your life.

I’m 23 since 6 days. … It was a real roller coaster journey. Some days I felt the ‘superpowers’ and then the next day the exact opposite. Mood swings like crazy. I noticed the good days became more frequent and the bad days were easier to persist after some times. No sex, but now I am ready to reintroduce it and wet dreams A LOT!!! Probably 40-50 during my journey. Sometimes 2 In one night. But the frequency and Impact (feeling like shit after one) will reduce the longer you go.

[Why did I try NoFap?]  Depression, women wasn’t attractive anymore to me, low energy, wasn’t able to enjoy daily activities or socializing and motivation. Thats it.

LINK – Out of a 300+ day flatline – Ask me anything

By Dirk619


Back [in] my fapping days I became really much socially disconnected, my libido was super low since years, no desire for woman, despressed, didn’t enjoy watching movies or music. Man, everything became boring. Really. Nowadays, everything is coming back to baseline. REAL desire for woman eg. wanting to know them better and not just fuck them to be cool.

Enjoying music, movies, time spend with people/socialising and all day life again.

Live has a meaning again! It’s still not at 100%, still getting flatlines (not nearly as bad as compared to the beginning)etc. I think it will take me a whole year or even longer to fully reboot. But we are making progress.

Hell, month to month I realise how much I’m still changing back to normal. Enjoyed reading your story, Keep on going dude !!! Much love

I actually want to write a progress story soon. The best thing is that Im still recovering and see that my real me is coming  back from month to month 🙂

I’m 22 and I started nofap because I wasn’t able to enjoy everyday life activities anymore (Watching movies, reading, meet with friends and so on)

+ my desire for woman aka libido was down since years
+ socializing/talking to people came to an all time low year after year.

Everything became boring and I needed to figure out why.

Messing up with your dopamine receptors can have a REALLY big impact on your everyday life. Like I said the difference is black and white.