Age 23 – PIED: After 2 months of nofap we finally had sex. It was amazing

Hello guys I wanted to share my experience here and Idk maybe give hope to someone. Let me start by saying I am 23 years old; I had been watching porn since I was 12-13. At first, I watched occasionally but for the last 4-5 years maybe more that turned into an everyday thing and of course I had no idea the damage I was doing to my brain.

Earlier this year I was going to have first sex with this girl from college after a night of drinks. Long story short I couldn’t get it up, it was embarrassing but we both figured it was the drinks and I personally thought maybe I was tired as I had been doing a lot of physical activity (gym, multiple soccer games that week, etc.).

Now keep in mind I had have sex a few times before with a couple girls since the age of 19 and I never had an issue so I wasn’t very concerned as much as I was embarrassed about it. Fast forward a couple months I met this beautiful girl who would become my girlfriend. We tried to have sex and again I couldn’t get it up. I told her I didn’t know what was going on.

Now I was concerned so I looked up what could possibly be going on and found out about PIED. I stopped masturbating and watching porn all together. It was hard but I knew this girl was worth it and I wanted to fix myself for her as much as for me.

After two months of nofap, (she was so patient in between as we tried to have sex during that time multiple times) we finally had sex and it was amazing.

Now I get morning wood pretty damn often and idk if I’m 100% cured but I know I’m damn close. My life is just much better overall I realized I don’t need porn or any of that.

I hope all of you brothers can succeed as well. Be patient and know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Many times, I wanted to quit [Nofap]. As I told you we tried to have sex and I just couldn’t, and I wasn’t seeing the end of the nofap, and my flatline I was getting the urge of eating like shit, always tired and lacked motivation but all that changed with some time.

My advice is if you have a girl you love explain everything to her, she will understand and be patient if it’s real and she will help facilitate your problem and y’all’s relationship will grow stronger because of it. Good luck mates.

LINK – My personal experience W/PIED

by CowboyMemo_1