Age 23 – Better concentration. More energy. More physical strength. Greater self control and discipline.

Hello, I’m a 23 yo virgin and I began nofap in September. I began fapping and watching porn when I was 20. Until that point, in only ejaculated in my sleep.

Initially, i did nofap because I was angry at life but after a few months I began to realize its true power. NofAP became a tool to improve my skills at bass and academics.

Allow me to be more specific:

1.More time. More time to practice and work

2.Better concatenation.

3.More energy

4.Hair got thicker (this was noticed by my mother)

5.More physical strength

6.Cold shower tolerance

7.Self control and discipline

I didn’t get any female magnetism but I have always been told i’m ugly and i will be virgin forever so I didn’t expect that. Some here would say its cause i have wet dreams but that couldn’t be that detrimental.

LINK – 5 Months Report

by PrayingForAscension