Age 23 – Better overall mood, more discipline, more self respect, the guts to tell someone ‘no’


I’m a 23 yrs old male. I tried NoFap after stumbling on a couple of “NoFap” videos on youtube. These videos made me curious how something so simple could help people change their lifes around.

After my curiousity grew I did more and more research. I watched ted talks, visited sites like “your brain on porn”, read a shit ton of articles on the subject just to get myself very well informed.

I read an interesting article in particular which inspired me so much that I quitted cold turkey. My mentality back then was “why not just try NoFap, if it turns out it doesn’t really work for me I’ll just resume fapping. On the other hand if it does work I might aswell keep abstaining from pmo, how hard can it be? Let’s see how far I can get”.

I didn’t truly know the benefits of NoFap until I was in for a couple of weeks. Energy skyrocketed, brain fog dissappeard, girls looked at me more often, I had the energy to start working out regurlarly and lost a lot of weight.

My first ever streak was 34 days. Call it beginners luck but man it felt amazing. But I relapsed and was like “oh well this isn’t bad for a first streak”. That mentality got me relapsing for a long time.

The secret for me is realizing once you have an urge, that this urge is not you. Have you ever experienced this particular feeling of an occuring urge pulling you into another conciousness? Let me clarify, what I mean is when an urge gets so strong it “takes you over” and all you can think about is doing the deed.

What helped me is realizing this PMO craving urge is NOT me. Try to be fully present, accept the feelings/thoughts rushing through you, but do not act on them. As soon you start fantasizing just stop and think to yourself: this isn’t truly me, I don’t want to drain myself for 3 seconds of mere pleasure, this is the parasite in me that craves an easy dopamine kick. Distract yourself from this urge never “sit it out” completly immobile. Engage with your environement, don’t get trapped inside your head.

The overall benefits for me apart from the ones I mentionned earlier are: better overall mood, more discipline, more self respect, having the guts to tell someone no (this was very difficult for me and still is sometimes) persistence in everything I do, the urge to learn new stuff and better myself.

I learned how to meditate, how to take cold showers (The wim hof method), I discoverd how awesome books are. I quit an even worser addiction > video games. I learned to speak up for myself, I learned not to be depended on other people to feel good. I learned that life can and will be shit at times and that you are able to make it work no matter what you or others tell you.

NoFap is a catalyst. Without it you won’t get shit done, at least for me it works like this. NoFap has given me the balls to deal with the fucked up things in my life. 90 days is the full reboot, but really life’s just starting for me at this point. I am never going back and so should you. Good luck brothers we got this.

LINK – 90 days report

By NoFapRecruit1224