Age 23 – Damaging behaviour should never be taken lightly – People definitely notice a change


Reached day 90 today. I can look in the mirror and I’m happy with what I see. That definitely was not the case this time last year. My skin is clear, eyes are bright, hair and beard look great. People definitely notice a change and just seem attracted to me somehow.

I’m 23. I had moderate social anxiety, lack of confidence and bouts of depression, all of which are things of the past. I also found it impossible to talk to girls and was incredibly awkward  and uncomfortable. This too is a thing of the past

I finally agree with the general consensus here that you should do nofap and improve yourself for YOU, not anyone else, and not to get girls. I am happy because I see myself as number 1 now. Having said that, I get far more attention from girls than I’ve ever had, and it is very welcome. A couple of weeks ago a cute girl I like actually asked ME if I wanted to go for a drink sometime.

I’m more respected by friends/family and colleagues than ever before, this is mostly due to confidence and feeling stronger (socially) and more charming. I got a promotion this week, I was at a different job this time last year, but there was 0% chance of anything like that happening this time last year when I was watching porn on a daily basis.

People can tell as soon as they see me I’m not someone to be fucked with, I’m not going to be a push-over and I’m strong minded, which in some respects I attribute to the massive confidence of semen retention and no longer cuckolding myself by watching porn.

These are some things I think helped my success:

. Cold showers (personally, not everyday, but when the urges were strong I got myself under that cold fucking water) . Delete Facebook/instagram/Twitter – even if it’s just for a month, see how you feel without it (my trial month has extended to the 13th month) . No peeking – as soon as you are on you’re favourite porn website you’re giving you brain the wrong message, that you’re still fucking with that shit. I had a dream about day 60 where I accidentally stumbled across some porn and shut that shit down ASAP because I didn’t want to see it – that’s when I knew my brain was learning/changing. . No fantasising, not even if it’s non-explicit

Books I recommend for anyone interested, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (audiobook on YouTube). This helped me realise the importance of being in the present moment and dealing with problems in the present, and showed how trying to deal with the future can cause anxiety.


Love yourself. Do this for yourself. This is your life, do not fuck yourself over by watching porn and fapping daily. Realise you are here because you have an addiction – don’t treat it lightly, and don’t trick yourself into thinking it’s not a ‘proper’ addiction like substance abuse. Addictive, damaging behaviour should never be taken lightly, that one of the greatest tricks this addiction has.

Any comments I will reply to later on today, I owe a lot to this community, it helped open my eyes to just how psychology damaging it is to watch porn on a daily basis so I am more than happy to give something back, ask any questions you like.

LINK – Day 90! Feedback and advice

By onlyoneswho-know