Age 23 – Energy, confidence, no longer avoiding interaction, easier to fight urges

I’m 23. I’ve always wanted to quit porn since college but I always fail. I’ll have streaks of 1-2 weeks then relapse. My longest streak was probably 1 month.

Then last October I started to work and then I had a 30 day streak accidentally due to busyness of my schedule I didn’t have any thoughts to fap or ever have time to fap. At day 30 I experienced wet dreams for the first time because of not fapping.

Then I started to search about wet dreams then I found this sub on reddit. And that’s when I really went into full hard mode. I downloaded reddit and subscribed to this sub. Reading the confessions of the people here really inspires and motivates me to continue on the journey no fap for life! ?

The benefits I’ve noticed so far is the energy. I’ve been more productive and I don’t get tired easily. Even some days when I don’t get enough sleep. And then the urges, it becomes easier everyday to fight those urges I get in the morning and randomly during the day. Confidence also comes with it. I’ve become more interactive to people unlike before I really avoid interaction to people. That’s all I’ve noticed so far. Hope this helps.

LINK – Gonna start 2019 with day 69 of no fap streak!!

By zurcfdj