Age 23 – Eyes look alive, anxiety better


I’m 23. Addicted for about 5 years on and off but this nasty habit probably made me do it for 2 years straight pmo smoking weed everyday. Never tried to quit. Relapsed one time and kept going after first relapse. I would say it’s more of a mental change.

Full blown lifestyle not so much but that comes with time. Stayed motivated by remembering how low I felt and I didn’t want to ever feel that way again. And no I did not meditate however I listen to inspirational videos on YouTube

Hard mode I’m 23. No porn no sex no mo or anything.

I don’t feel much different. I think my eyes look more alive but that’s it right now. Also maybe I’m bothered by this girl I’ve been talking to but I’m distancing myself from her which sucks but I get over it. What got me to 90 days is cold showers waking up at 830 every morning making my bed than running one mile. Taking a freezing cold shower and at night I run two miles :).

However I did lose the anxiety which I believe I’ve been cured from for the most part 🙂 I talk to girls more seeing them as actual people and not a piece of meat like in pornography. I will never watch porn again. Urges come and go but I transform my sexual energy into something productive. If you have any questions feel free to drop a question down below.

Don’t fap guys 🙂 it has changed my life. I have decided that this is my lifestyle. Even though I feel down about having to distance myself from a girl I know I will get through it by focusing on myself 🙂

LINK – 90 days

By pho888

I’m not so much counting the days anymore. I’m just glad I can appreciate the little things in life right now. My brain is still rebooting but more and more often I’m experience euphoria  from listening to music and looking out into the beach with a sunrise or sunset. over release of dopamine made me not realize any of this and I regret pmo when I was in Asia for vacation last year. I pray that I will be blessed enough to go again this year with my dad <3 and this time enjoy the entire thing without pmo. <3

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