Age 23 – I beat it. Yes I did.

I beat it because I wanted it enough.

  • Because I tried a lot.
  • Because I dedicated my whole self to it.
  • Because I replaced it with useful activities.
  • Because I realised the EXTREME harm it provokes.
  • Because God helped me and continues to do so.
  • Because I wanted a family , I want to respect my woman and be respected.
  • Because I wanted a healthy body and mind.
  • Because I wanted to feel free and confident.
  • Because I wanted to feel like a real man.
  • Because I didn’t want to tag myself as a dirty wanker anymore.
  • Because I got tired of feeling like the lowest of the lowest.
  • Because I got tired of objectifying women.
  • Because I wanted to experience life the way it supposed to be experienced.
  • Because I wanted my brain to work in optimal parameters and not be messed up by some damn addiction.
  • Because I DIDN’T WANTED TO HELP SUSTAIN PORN anymore by watching it.
  • Because I wanted to be able to respect women.
  • Because I realised sexual pleasure should be only experienced with my other half, that I love.
  • Because I wanted more time to do other important things, rather than standing in a corner with my hands in my pants and my eyes on a screen.
  • Because I made this my most wanted achievement and thrown my honor in the game. And I care, a lot , about honor.

LINK – I beat it. Yes I did.

by MentalRove