Age 23 – Confidence, clarity, strength, increased libido and more emotions

Wow so… when I first started, I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship, with a narcissistic individual that left me scarred. I had decided within that moment of time it was time for a change. I didn’t want to be this person anymore.

I had been addicted to porn/ beating my meat for ten years, starting at the age of 14 (now 23), and had an addiction to cigarettes for over five years. Now, take those two, and add constant self-induced sleep deprivation (I was immature and wanted to stay because I “fucking hate my job man, I don’t want work to come tomorrow”), no exercise and shit diet. I was a walking overly emotional, depressed, irritable, physically weak as fuck, lack of focus and blunted individual.

The withdrawals I went through, were some of the most extreme and god awful I ever went through. Brain fog, SEVERE DEPRESSION, mood swings, paralyzing anxiety which led to daily panic attacks. I truly felt like I was going insane. That’s normal, apparently cigarettes play a part in dopamine receptors, so combine that with nofap and it’s gonna be a rough ass ride.

Benefits? They exist, they are real, mine have faded because I’ve stopped following key practices to get them.

I have experienced: confidence, clarity, strength, increased libido at times which is new to me, more emotions (Fapping really blocks your emotions, I didn’t feel shit for years), and lastly, sex and masturbation are no longer a fucking constant thing on my mind.

Benefits are combination of the testosterone increase, and natural levels of dopamine flowing through your brain. At least that’s my thought process, I ain’t a fucking scientist lmao.

You have to work to get said “benefits”. For me they were: Daily Exercise (Lift weights, and ESPECIALLY CARDIO), Sleep, Meditation and a healthier diet. These four combined, will literally make a huge difference.

Since I’ve fallen off the wagon with them, I feel like I used to when I fapped. Foggy headed, slightly depressed, and almost like ADD levels of concentration. For once in my life, I looked in the mirror, and did not recognize who I was.

Long story short: Nofap is the first step into a healthier way of living.

LINK – 90 Days Hard mode Completed

by chris10isleyen