Age 23 – I have gained the ability to change

Age 23. My life has changed right in front of my eyes! At the same time, a lot is still the same. But I know things will continue to change over time. It is in my own power to change them. NoFap gives me that power. No, you will not gain “superpowers” although at times it may feel like it, but instead you will feel more balanced mentally and physically.

After that, you must continue to build upon it. It gives you the right foundation to reach your full potential, but you still have to do the work to reach there. It gives you the mental strength to help you surpass limits that were once thought impossible to attain. If you have the self-discipline to sustain 90+ days, you have the ability to change anything in your life. The ability to change is what really matters. It all starts with you. All material success is a direct result of self-discipline.

Tip for anyone struggling on NoFap:

It’s important to stop putting so much attention to the days. It’s okay to checkup every now and then but you have to keep your life occupied, go out and do things, workout, practice a craft. Pretty soon you’ll lose track of the days as they go by.

If you go for a walk, stimulate yourself in the journey, observe and take interest in your surroundings. It may not seem like you’ve been walking for long, but as time goes by you’ll realize you’ve already walked for miles. Enjoy the journey, stop focusing too much on the destination. It may seem like not much is happening in the moment, but the farther you go, just look back from where you started. You’ll see how much progress you’ve actually made.

LINK – Day 90 Hard mode.

By thesage718