Age 23 – I used to be so damn anxious and fearful


Nofap gave me something new. It gave me the genuine feeling of not giving a fuck, and not caring what people might think of me, my actions or my opinions. I feel so fucking free guys, so damn free. Today I was so happy and almost cried, because this “not giving a fuck” mindset, helped me a lot. I’m more relaxed, more confident, I’m I feel no stress anymore.

I used to experience a lot of stress because I was caring too much about what other ppl might think.I was a person that was always worrying. Now I feel so relaxed and free. It’s so damn good to be able to be positive, full of energy, and not worrying anymore about stupid useless shit non stop, or about what other ppl might think of me, ppl that are not even in my life.

Nothing helped me achieve this. No books, no videos, no motivation speakers, no one and nothing! But nofap helped me to be content with who I am and what I do.

I can be me, the real me.

Thank you. I can finally follow my own path.

I used to be so damn anxious and fearful. I was so afraid always, and of everything. I genuinely thought I was a broken man and there was no fix for me. No amount of books, motivational speakers and clips, and no amount of advice from other ppl helped me at all. It had 0 effect on me. Now, because of nofap, I feel this feeling internally. I feel it inside of me.

I’m 23 years old

LINK – Nofap gave me something new

By moroes12