Age 23 – I would now take a sunset picnic with a girl over 4 hours inside ruining my life

I just reached the longest streak since I started NoFap 4 years ago. It has been a wild ride, and you know what? It is totally worth it.

Doing this challenge hasn’t given me super powers or the like. But it has allowed me to focus on the parts of my life that I have been avoiding for so long: human connection and my emotions.

One huge piece of this that I have noticed is that my desire to PMO is practically nonexistent at this point. While I get urges, I can control them pretty well.

But enough about that.

I would take a picnic sunset with a girl over spending 4 hours inside ruining my life. And now I think I have the willpower and recovery that allows me to choose.

Thank you, here’s to heading to day 90!

LINK – My Longest Streak: 40 Days Today

by JonShawn