Age 23 – I’m finally getting my life together!

As i’m writing this i’m on Nofap day 37 and i have seen a huge change in myself.

Years ago, when i was a young boy, i always wanted to be an actor. I always did school plays and made my own short films, i kept up doing this until 2014 when i was 17 years old. I was a confident guy with a future ahead of me. I was determined to be an actor, i was willing to put in work, but first i had to go 4 years to college.

During this time i became a pmo addict. I began to lose myself completely, my drive ti succeed completely dissapeared. I got social anxiety (which is the last thing you want as an aspiring actor) and got a huge depression.

I had a 13 month streak before, but as i was in college doing retail, there was no way for me to get into acting at that time and i sank futher in depression and i felt of the Nofap bandwagon.

Fast forward to now. I am on a 37 day streak of Nofap, i started a new semester of college little over 2 weeks ago, and i was not liking it. I chose to study to be a social worker, but the college were i go to really makes me unhappy, and i don’t see any future going down that route for the next 3 years.

So, a week ago, i called in sick from college, and went ahead and finally started looking for a education that goes towards acting, film and theater. I signed up and next week i have an audition. If i win this audition i can finally study acting. To me this is a huge step in the right direction!

I realised that i can’t go and study something that is going to make me unhappy, thanks to Nofap i have the motivation to put in work and actually go and do something i enjoy.

I haven’t felt like this since before pmo. So thanks Nofap and all the Fapstronauts, i’m finally getting my life together!

Nofap is worth it!

LINK – Day 37 and finally getting somewhere

By BeWonderful