Age 23 – I’m heavily attracted to real life women

I made it to 100 days.
I made a thread at 58 days and gave some updates there (, you can look it up if you want.

Days 0-60: I felt like crap.
Days 60-80: were not bad.
Days 80-100: feeling bad.

– I became a bit more aggressive and am not backing off to other people. There was several times someone making fun of me, I just looked at him and he felt a bit insecure, I saw it in his eyes.

– The last days I was heavily attracted to real life women, even though they were quite average looking (sorry I don’t want to objectify women, it’s just that I realized that I wouldn’t have been attracted to them before).

– I shoot in my free time, and the last 3 years I realized that I shot worse because of confidence issues. Shooting is a lot about confidence and staying cold blooded. And in the last years I had become subconsciously afraid of the shot, which effected the half of a second before pulling the trigger, which again caused some real bad shots. I went shooting last week (finally there was one shooting range open again with those lockdowns). Well I shot like the devil. I took 36 shots, not one of them would’ve been not deadly.

– urges became a lot weaker after 2 months. The last 40 days I haven’t felt almost any urges, and if so then they were not very strong. This is so good. I hope it stays like that, because I always was so depressed after having looked at porn. Just this one thing that those moments of heavy depression after a session of PMO are not there anymore is a huge thing to me.

I can’t say a lot about if women are more attracted to me, because due to these stupid lockdowns I rarely get to meet any women and when I do get the chance they and I are always wearing those stupid masks! This really is a crime to young people in my view. Well I noticed in the last days that 2 girls are heavily in love with me (they did some pretty obvious things on my birthday) but I don’t know if they had also been it before my 100 day Nofap streak. I definitely will let you know about female attraction, because man I want to date. I’m feeling that I still need time, though, but I definitely will do it.

I will continue my journey, and I hope that you will, too. Let’s become the new heroes of this modern era.

LINK – 100 days

By silenthunter