Age 23 – In half a year, I went from depressed, anxious and desperate to finally living the life

First of all, I’d like to thank everybody for contributing to this forum and NoFap. Follow your goals and stay strog. My goal is nofap for lifetime.

In only half a year, I went from being depressed, anxious, desperate to finally living the life (consumed porn everyday for like 7 years). Recovery process was full of temptations, urges, and flatlines. Went from 2 times a day fapper to Fapstronaut. Still there is a long path of recovery ahead. Flatlines I had were very serious, filled with depression, anxiety, restlessness, headaches. Flatlines got better with time. My memory and concentration improved, better problem solving, better sleep, more endurance.

My message to you is that NO PMO will make you stronger, physically, emotionally, psychologically. You will rediscover yourself truly as you are. Your brain will be thankful too.

Now, I won’t talk about benefits here, not that I didn’t receive them P), but to make you curious about them so that you’ll need to discover them by doing nofap

Now, Nofap is mine and yours First step towards better life. Anxiety and depression won’t be gone with only NoFap. I’d like to share here some things that helped me along with Nofap:

1. -> If you often daydream, it can cause a lot of problems since you are not living in Reality which is connected to anxiety and depression, especially if you daydream about having a relationship or so. Getting yourself grounded is the key of living in Reality. Yep, Reality sucks, but as soon you ditch the daydreaming you’ll start living in the moment (my experience).

2. Look up for Noah Elkrief on Youtube, his videos helped me to defeat social anxiety, and to cope with depression and anxiety during flatlines. His videos are very resourceful.

Personally, I don’t recommend meditation, as it can make you more anxious and depressed in the long run, if you already have anxiety and depression. Breathing exercises are much better option.

Some tips for recovery:

-get rid of other addictions (smoking, caffeine, you name it) as they trigger dopamine

-exercise more, study more, work more -> to cope with Extra Energy and urges

-spend more times outdoors

-take supplements (Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, there are a lot of options)

-reward yourself for every week on nofap (not with fap tho ) – it could be a clothing piece, chocolate, etc, whatever makes you happy, but no PMO

-get a hobby

-engage in social situations

-sleep well (8 hrs min)

-don’t be hard to yourself if you relapse, embrace it, move on

-keep in mind that you’ll maybe relapse a few times, expect a relapse (this will motivate you not to relapse)

Remember, nofap is a mental battle, don’t let your brain controls you.
Time is the only resource you’ll need. Small steps to a greater success.

Best wishes to all of you.


LINK – Halfway there (150+ days current streak)

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