Age 23 – Limitless supply of cognitive and physical energy


OH THE ENERGY. I feel like a kid again with a limitless supply of cognitive and physical energy, it’s unbelievable. Today I cooked, read, ran a trail, played volleyball, swam, played games with my little siblings, then cleaned the entire house for 4 HOURS until it was past midnight. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t long ago where I could barely get out of bed in the morning.

It’s made me wonder how abstaining from pmo could have such a strong effect, so I thought it out. I’m no expert, but think about it: we are biological creatures driven to eat and reproduce in order to survive- it’s deeply rooted in all of us. If you were on the brink of starving to death, how much effort would you put in to ensure your survival? Every last ounce of your being would be looking for ANYTHING to eat. But as soon as your belly is full, the last thing on your mind is eating more. It is no longer a necessity. You become complacent.

Likewise, by pmoing on a regular basis you trick your own body into thinking that it’s ‘full’ and you become comfortable in your life, even though you KNOW you’re not where you want to be and you feel like shit because you’re aware enough to know your life sucks and can become wayyy better provided you put forth enough effort. The problem is that due to pmo and everything that comes with it, your energy and motivation is low, you feel stuck, hopeless, guilty, not good enough, anxious, all that. Not to mention there is little joy in life anymore.

Deep down you KNOW what you need to do, yet your habitual and addictive pathways of your brain always seem to rationalize that ONE MORE TIME won’t hurt..well it’s always a lie and you know it. Once the deed is done it suddenly becomes clear as day…surprise surprise.

The only way out of this cycle is DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT. Take it one day at a time, and don’t listen to the destructive, irrational voice in your head. Instead, focus on the POSITIVE and constructive voice, it’s always there if you choose to focus on it. It’s all up to you. Eventually, those positive thoughts and disciplines will become second nature and habitual. It takes time obviously, so you must trust and enjoy the process. If you’ve read this far and you still feel like you don’t have it in you to try..seriously, what is there to lose?

Go 30 days with no pmo, and if you arent sold by then, go back to your old ways. But let me tell you, you won’t believe how much can change in just a month. That extra motivation from discovering hope again in your life will put you into an upwards spiral that will make you look back on your past self and think, “I can’t believe I put myself through this hell knowingly and wouldn’t do anything about it.”

I’m 23. I abused marijuana a couple years ago and it put me in an even deeper hole, and it made me desperate to get out. Trying hallucinogens was a huge wake up call for me to how destructive and  energy wasting porn is, as well as how destructive my daily life and other habits were. Nofap has helped me stay on track by reading other experienced and reminding myself it’s definitely worth it!

The time is now, and always will be. There is no ‘tomorrow’.

LINK – The real reason why abstaining from PMO is so powerful.

By yugertasew