Age 23 – Lost relationship over sexual dysfunctions; my life is a complete 180 from what it was 101 days ago

I stopped cold turkey, which I’m sure isn’t the usual path. My sex life with my ex was suffering. I wasnt able to keep an erection, and I would literally finish after like 30 seconds. I noticed that our sex life started to take a hit from this so I forced myself to stop. Go outside. Do pushups. Turn on porn blockers. Find what works for you and stick with it.

First time reaching triple digits and I am never going back. Keep going guys, the benefits heavily outweigh those 3 minutes of pleasure. Believe me when I say that you’ll love yourself way more once you cut pornography out of your life.

I’ve seen myself starting to want to go outside and be active, whereas before all I would want to do was stay inside. I started going to the gym and I took up cycling, swimming, and running so I can train for a triathlon. I’m more confident, and I dont see women as objects or somewhere to go for pleasure. I see them as humans. My life is a complete 180 from what it was 101 days ago

[I’m] 23. Been watching practically everyday since I was around 14/15. Main thing I saw was my relationship falling apart, which it ultimately did. I didnt want to do anything and my ex and I fell apart. I also experienced PIED and if I did get it up, would last all of 2 minutes. Literally all she had to do was touch it and I’d finish haha. Biggest benefit is now being more confident and wanting to go and do activities. Too little, too late though for my relationship.

LINK – 100 days

by temperatur00