Age 23 – My 200 days celebration post


So the other day before heading to work I logged in to check the day counter and it was 199 days, so I posted a really short celebration post. To make up for my troll post I’m going to answer some of the questions that were asked in a Q&A. This post is long so it’s the opposite of the last one I made. (Yay 300k Fapstronauts. That’s totally cool!)

Q&A 1) Q: Have you been sexually active in that time?

A: Yeah, I was sexually active. In a FWB relationship. I was on a streak before I met this girl. (Yes, I believe NoFap contributed a lot to me meeting her.) I broke my last streak in between seeing this woman once per week. What I’m about to say is not meant to persuade you in any way about NoFap but this is what really happened. I kinda replaced her with porn. I wasn’t trying with her. I messaged her less. Instead of researching how to be a better lover like I used to, I thought about more selfish things. Not exactly blaming porn but we saw each other less and now don’t see each other anymore. I’m going to leave it at that.. Btw, if a lady friend says that they’ll be your wingman, go for it! lol Btw, I definitely prefer a real relationship now. Consider not watching porn when you’re waiting for some action and perhaps getting an actual relationship would be way better..

2) Q: Any tips?

YES. A story :D. It was like my first or second streak. And I took my first cold shower. The experience was insane. Because since like the 5th grade, (yeah ..) I did not know a life without pmo/masturbation. But during that time I was feeling possibly more social and in the moment with interactions than I am now. Just walking into work like I had won the lottery or something but without the celebration. It was like life was telling me, “Finally you idiot.” SO HERE’S THE TIP. If you are currently doing NoFap and you feel good as fuck, don’t slip up during a time when you are complacent. Here’s the details of what I mean: It was the night of going out for my birthday. I relapsed when I was practically blackout drunk before sleep. I wanted to suck every bit of life out of one single night. I did everything from getting in a fight, to texting my crush. And I got her to say that she, in some way shape or form, loved me. She told me to go to sleep. I laid down my spinning head and did full on PMO. Then my old ways with porn started to set back in… If I never ever relapsed then my streak would be like OVER NINE THOUSANDDD or something. 😛 So don’t get complacent and remember that you are going to have to really fight hard when things are going well for you. It’s one thing to have things going well for you, but when they are going good, you better be fighting to defend your championship belt damn it!

3) Q: Any benefits? What symptoms caused you to try NoFap? How old are you?

A) Like are there any benefits? Undoubtedly for me yes there are anyway… Benefits: I recently asked a co worker from the other shift out which is REALLY unheard of from me. And you know what? idgaf. None of it was a big deal. She turned me down because she has a boyfriend. We’re cool, we’re cool. Benefits of a long streak: I don’t wonder what it would be like if I was on a long streak. I don’t know why but sometimes my confidence in public would be less if I thought I wasn’t on a long enough streak, and I would not feel like going out at all. I’m in the process of being a better me all the time. If the benefits are all in my head, then the negative side effects were there in my head also. I like this side better trust me. Also I’m not thinking about the last porn I watched at an odd moment… I don’t use it to sleep… It’s one less thing to procrastinate with… Saves time… You may go seeking women in a positive light… Seek women instead of going to the screen… You’re not doing it the lazy way…

Symptoms that caused me to try NoFap: At first it was probably guilt and as my problem deepened it cost me money. I was just an early teen and shit was getting weird. Glad I recognized a problem. I am not okay with how badly I thought I needed to get one off all the time when I was younger. I’m 23.

I wasn’t planning on typing so much but I hope you found value somewhere and that you were inspired in some way.

Absolutely and always practice to make sure that you love yourself. Through the good times and the bad. Hopefully only good times!

Well there you have it. My 200 days celebration post.

LINK – Alright, here’s a redemption post.

By teasohot